“Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs… Always Giving Thanks” Ephesians 5:19-20

Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, aren’t three flavors of "worship ice cream.” In worship according to Ephesians 5:18-21, we surrender to the ministry of the Spirit, and embrace the rich diversity of worship the Father seeks from his children and Church. As followers of Jesus, singing—all manner of songs—is an essential expression of our worship. Our songs will encompass far more than words and music; overflowing with thanks giving and love for each other they will shake the very foundations of culture and shape the meaning of our existence together…invading it with the resonance and reality of heaven.

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The National Worship Leader Conference has become the nation's premier event to train and equip worship leaders to engage their communities. With over 80 dynamic workshops featuring some of the country's most popular worship artists and Bible teachers, we provide resources to equip not only worship pastors but bands, vocalists, visual arts, tech specialists and the entire choir.  

A fully customizable worship, mentoring, and training experience like no other…

Through providing customizable education opportunities, face-to-face mentorship, exposure to cutting-edge technology, and a chance to form lasting friendships within the worship community, this event will challenge you to grow in your ministry.
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What People Are Saying

Amazing time to get refreshed, recharged, and restored.
NWLC has been invaluable in my personal, musical, and spiritual development. I hope to bring several from my team next year!
The NWLC will give you vision for the people you shepherd and rekindle your first love for Christ; you will walk away better equipped and with a new-found passion for your calling.
Of all the conferences I have attended, NWLC is by far the best.  From the general speakers to the tracked workshops, there was so much that can and needs to be applied right now!
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