The 2014 Texas conference has concluded. Below is a list of workshops from the conference. We will be returning to Texas in 2015. Please check back for 2015 workshop lists and early bird registration discounts.

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*titles are subject to change


  • 8 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Congregation’s Worship – Dr. Marva Dawn
  • Creating a Culture of Worship – James Mark Gulley
  • Getting Your Church to Sing - Steve Reed
  • I’m A Worship Leader, Now What? – Rich Kirkpatrick
  • Inductive vs Deductive Worship: How to Invited People to OWN Their Response to Jesus – Tim Timmons, Courtesy of Essential Worship
  • Jesus, Our Worship Leader – Dr. Vernon Whaley, Liberty University
  • Keeping Christ the Center of Your Worship – Gabriel Allred
  • Leading a Small Church – Steve Reed
  • Leading by Letting Go – Dr. Reggie Kidd
  • More than Music - Rick Muchow, Courtesy of Ultimate Ears
  • Relational Dynamics Between Pastors and Worship Leaders – Tom Stipe
  • Rooted & Relevant – Mark Jonah, LeTourneau University
  • Speaking to One Another: The Space in Between – Dr. Tony Payne
  • Student-led Worship Teams – Javier Rios
  • Teaching Kids to Worship – Amanda Singer
  • Team Growth & Volunteers – Rich Kirkpatrick
  • The Journey of Worship: Reaching the Same Destination in Every Season – Meredith Andrews
  • Toward a Theology of Worship – Bob Brooks, Dallas Baptist University
  • Vertical and Horizontal Worship – Dr. Craig Gilbert
  • Women in Worship – Christine D’Clario
  • You Don’t ‘Work’ a Violin: Worship as the Playground of the Spirit – Leonard Sweet

Worship Study

  •  …And What About the Laments? – Dr. Ron Allen
  • Biblical Worship: Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs – Dr. Reggie Kidd
  • Using the Past – Reggie Kidd

Personal Growth

  • Artistic Temperament: Friend or Foe? – Rory Noland
  • Fuel the Dream – Debby Berry
  • I REALLY Don’t Like These People - Garreth J. Goossen, Make Us Holy
  • The Way of a Worshiper: How to Stay Motivated for Ministry – Buddy Owens
  • What Is Worship? Good News For People Who Can’t Sing – Shaun Groves, Courtesy of Compassion International
  • Worship Walk: Where Worship and Life Intersect – Garreth  J. Goossen, Make Us Holy

Worship Planning

  • Creating Flow in Worship – Evan Wickham
  • Organization and Planning for the Creative Mind – Aaron Stewart, Planning Center Services
  • Singing as Communication – Dr. Craig Gilbert


  • How to Get Your Songs Published: Sharing, Protecting and Promoting Your Songs for the Church – Craig Dunnagan,
  • How to Read and Write Good Charts, and Speak The Language Of Your Musicians – Ryan Dahl, PraiseCharts
  • Recording Your Own Demos and Tracks – Matt McCoy,


  • But It Sounds So Easy! Songwriting for Congregational Worship – Jennie Lee Riddle & Michael Farren
  • Song Discovery Panel – Hosted by Phil Sillas
  • Songwriting - One Sonic Society, Courtesy of  Essential Worship
  • Songwriting - Tommy Walker
  • The Art of Co-Writing – Jennie Lee Riddle, Dustin Smith,& Michael Farren



  • Acoustic Guitar in Worship: Steel & Nylon String – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp of America
  • Advanced Class for Ableton Live – Will Doggett,
  • Bass Guitar
  • Beyond the Piano: Expanding Your Pallet – Ed Kerr, Yamaha Corp of America
  • Drums in Worship
  • Electric Guitar – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp of America
  • Electronic Percussion and Drums in Worship – The Digital Age
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Keyboard – Ed Kerr, courtesy of Yamaha Corp of America
  • Leading Effective Worship Team Rehearsals – Phillip Edwards,
  • MultiTracks and LoopTracks in Worship – Matt McCoy,
  • Using Loops and MultiTracks in Live Worship – Phillip Edwards,

Vocal Arts

  • Ensemble Singing – Scott & Vonda Dyer
  • Vocal Coaching – Scott & Vonda Dyer
  • Vocal Health – Diane Sheets
  • Vocal Style – Scott & Vonda Dyer
  • Vocal Technique – Scott & Vonda Dyer


  • Children’s Choirs that Grow Worshipers for Life - Christy Semsen, courtesy of Word Music Publications & Church Resources
  • Enlisting the Worship Army - Bradley Knight, courtesy of Word Music Publications & Church Resources
  • Youth (Student) Choirs Help Expand Your Ministry! – Rusty King


Visual Arts

  • An Introduction to After Effects – Trent Armstrong, RT Creative Group
  • Building Better Presentations – Camron Ware
  • The Visual Worship Leader – Aaron West, MediaShout
  • What is Environmental Projection? – Camron Ware
  • Video
  • TBD

Tech Team

  • Contour of Light – Dennis Degen, Lightronics
  • Identifying and Solving Live Sound Issues – Jeff McLeod,
  • Live Streaming A to Z: For Basic and Advanced Broadcasting - Michael Smith,
  • Lowering Stage Volumes: Clarity for the Congregation and the Worship Team – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Microphone Applications for Modern Worship – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • The Mixer and Why Digital is the Way to Go - Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Worship Technology Jay Jones, AVMAN


  • Intergenerational Worship – Rory Noland
  • Leading After 50 – Ray Jones
  • The Great Misconception: Is Music Really a “Universal” Language? – Dr. Robin Harris
  • The Mixer and Why Digital is the Way to Go – Doug Gould
  • Uniting a Church in Worship  Bryan Popin
  • Worship & Brokenness – Josh Lopez
  • Worship Evangelism – Ray Jones



  • Digital Recording Master Class: Cubase 7 – Yamaha Corp of America
  • Enhance Your Bands Sound with MultiTracks and LOops from – Matt McCoy,
  • Essential Worship MultiTracks – Matt McCoy, Essential Worship
  • Making the Most of Planning Center Online – Reagan Helms, Planning Center Services
  • Presonus StudioLIve Digital Mixer Guided Tour – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Training Your Kids to be Worship Leaders – Dana John, Gateway NEXT Worship
  • Using MultTracks in Live Worship: Foundatioins, Gear,and Tips – Phillip Edwards,
  • Worship & Sermon Presentation Software – Joel Muddamalle, Logs Bible Software
  • Worship and Sermon Presentation Software – Joel Muddamalle, Logos Bible Software
  • What’s New With MediaShout  Aaron West
  • Yamaha Corp of America TBD


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