2016 Theme: TEACH US TO PRAY

“He who sings prays twice” (St. Augustine), as indicated by the Psalms and beyond, God’s greatest prayer agent is music. Worship Leader exists to equip believers to become prayer champions in their communities – primarily facilitated in the singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs in a present day vernacular with a firm understanding of the rich history of God and his people.

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The National Worship Leader Conference has become the premier event to train and equip worship leaders to engage their communities. Featuring over 60 unique workshops taught by some of the country's most popular worship artists and Bible teachers, we provide resources to equip not only worship pastors but bands, vocalists, visual arts, tech specialists and the entire choir.  
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What People Are Saying

Although this was my first time attending NWLC, I felt like I was “home”. There’s something so beautiful to be surrounded by worship leaders all week. I left inspired, my eyes focused on taking these new skills back to my church to bring glory to Jesus.

I came to the conference expecting to grow, learn and take the skills being shared, back to my church. What I encountered rocked my world as I was placed in an atmosphere of abandonment with other worship leaders and team members whose hearts were burning with desire to grow more intimate with the Creator of the universe. It was a very humbling moment in history to be standing there, surrounded by other worshipers, offering up praise and adoration to the King of kings. I learn so much while I was there and plan on attending for years to come.

People were real and inviting, never so far away from you that you couldn’t have a conversation with the guy who just led worship, or the one who just taught on leading volunteers. I met and connected for the first time with people that I’ve followed and known on twitter for years. And, that week in Kansas City was one of the most refreshing weeks I’ve had in years. I’d forgotten how good it is to sit and talk to guys who are doing the same things you are, struggling with the same things and gain strength by the conversation and singularity of our effort. I left full, hopeful and inspired. it was exactly what I needed.

I had no idea what to expect from this Worship Leaders Conference. It was the first conference I’ve ever attended in my 8 years as worship leader. The information, the workshops, the available materials were FAR beyond my expectations. I came away with such a greater sense of purpose for how to better serve my Team, my Church, and my God. Dr. Marva Dawn was a ‘life-changer’ for me. Her wisdom and insight was the highlight of the conference for me.

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