Pricing Deadlines:

Super Saver:
* INDIVIDUAL-$345/person
* TEAM-$325/person
* ALUMNI-$315/person
* SUBSCRIBER-$315/person
Early Bird:
* INDIVIDUAL-$370/person
* TEAM-$350/person
* ALUMNI-$340/person
* SUBSCRIBER-$340/person
* INDIVIDUAL-$385/person
* TEAM-$365/person
* ALUMNI-$355/person
* SUBSCRIBER-$355/person
* INDIVIDUAL-$395/person
* TEAM-$375/person
* ALUMNI-$365/person
* SUBSCRIBER-$365/person
Year-Round Pricing:
* STUDENT-$199/person
* MENTOREE-$199/person
* INTERNATIONAL-$250/person

Super Saver(ended 12/31/15)

Early Bird (ended 3/18/16)

Advanced (ended 4/8/16)

Standard (EXTENDED UNTIL 5/12/16)

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Super Saver (ended 1/22/16)

Early Bird (ended 3/18/16)

Advanced (ends 6/10/16)

Standard (ends 7/15/16)

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Super Saver (ends 2/5/16)

Early Bird (ends 5/6/16)

Advanced (ends 8/5/16)

Standard (ends 9/23/16)

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Find Your Registration Rate

Individual: For individuals or groups of less than 3.

Team: You have 3 or more in your group. Please note, your team must be submitted together. (For teams of 10 or more, email to ask about additional discount)

Alumni: You attended the National Worship Leader Conference in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, or 2015. Only one person in your group needs to be an alumni to qualify everyone in your group to register at this rate.

Subscriber: You have a current subscription of Worship Leader magazine –  Only one person is your group needs to be a subscriber to qualify everyone in your group to register at this rate.

International: You reside outside the United States.

Student: You are enrolled in 12 units or more. (Please fax proof of enrollment to 949-240-0038.)

Mentoree:You are between the ages of 15-19. This training event welcomes those in Junior High and High School who are being mentored on the team.

Can’t stay for the whole conference? Take a look at our no-extra-cost Share Pass program.  The “Share Pass” is an opportunity for worship team members to register one person who can attend the first day and then “share” their registration with another team member for another day. This option will be designated as a free add-on in the registration area.

Our Cancellation & Transfer Policy can be found here. For additional questions please contact Stephanie: 949-240-9339 ext. 206 or

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